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Welcome to the website of St. Patrick’s Grammar School, Armagh.

I trust that it will give you an initial impression of the life and work of the school and introduce you to our friendly, caring, supportive & successful educational environment.

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Open Night 2019!

We would like to thank all staff and students who helped with the organisation and running of this year's Open Night at St Patricks. We would also like to thank all the families that came out to see the school and for considering St Patricks as the post-primary school of choice for your young boys. Here are some photos from the Open Night.

Open Night 2019!

  • Open Night1
  • Open Night2
  • Open Night4
  • Open Night5
  • Open Night6
  • Open Night7
  • Open Night8
  • Open Night9
  • Open Night10
  • Open Night11
  • Open Night12
  • Open Night13
  • Open Night14
  • Open Night15
  • Open Night16
  • Open Night17
  • Open Night18
  • Open Night19
  • Open Night20
  • Open Night21
  • Open Night22
  • Open Night23
  • Open Night24
  • Open Night25
  • Open Night26
  • Open Night27
  • Open Night28
  • Open Night29
  • Open Night30
  • Open Night31
  • Open Night32
  • Open Night33
  • Open Night34
  • Open Night35
  • Open Night36
  • Open Night37
  • Open Night38
  • Open Night39
  • Open Night40
  • Open Night41
  • Open Night42
  • Open Night43
  • Open Night44





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