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You should already know what homophones are, as last month’s focus was their, there and they’re.

Recap: These are words that sound the same when pronounced out loud but have different meanings.

This month our focus is the other commonly misused homophones: were, where, wear and we’re.



This word is used when asking a question that’s related to a location or giving directions to a location.


  • Where are you going?”
  • Where is your house?”
  • “I know where the shop is. It’s just down there and to the left.”

All of these sentence use ‘where’ to ask for or give directions to a location.



Although this word is pronounced just like ‘where’, it most certainly doesn’t have the same meaning. Actually, ‘wear’ has two meanings:

1. To refer to clothing, accessories or equipment that you carry or have on your body.


  • “I love the shirt you are wearing.”
  • “What are you going to wear to the wedding?”
  • “I like to wear casual shoes.”

2. To refer to something being excessively used or exhausted.


  • “Staring at a computer for 6+ hours a day can really wear out your eyes.”
  • “The car’s tyres are wearing thin.”



This word is a past tense form of ‘are’.


  • “What were you doing yesterday?”
  • “Why were you out so late?”



This word is a contraction of ‘we are’.


  • “We’re going to the cinema tomorrow.” (We are going to the cinema tomorrow).
  • “We’re excited for the weekend.” (We are excited for the weekend).


What Can I Do...?

Your teachers will display this target in their classroom-check which one is correct if you’re not sure.

Your English teachers will revise it in class.

It is your responsibility to check your written work and try to use the correct one!

Use the COPS Proofreading checklist for longer pieces of written work-ask your teachers for this.

Remember that spell checker will not always pick up this mistake so it’s up to you!



Let's Practise

  1. _____ are you having the party?
  2. _____ we invited?
  3. I should have brought something else to _____, i'm freezing!
  4. What _____ you doing when I called last night?
  5. Yes, _____ going to pick you up tomorrow.
  6. You should be _____ a hat.
  7. _____ going to pick up pizza for dinner.



  1. Where
  2. Were
  3. Wear
  4. Were
  5. We're
  6. Wearing
  7. We're