St. Patrick's Grammar School

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Mission Statement

Mission statement

To promote the emotional, physical and intellectual development of all of our pupils and to develop as a community that encourages the Christian values of earnest effort, compassion and mutual respect at all times. 
To create an environment that places importance on respectful and nurturing relationships; between students and each other; between students and staff; and on relationships students may form in the world beyond school.
To promote an atmosphere that is welcoming and inclusive where no young person will go unsupported or un-rescued and where there is a respect for everyone’s life history. 
To create a whole school community that embraces diversity and provides all members with a strong sense of inclusive identity and belonging.

To fulfil this, we aim to:

Provide a curriculum that is appropriate to the varying educational, vocational and recreational needs of our pupils now and in the future educational landscape of the Armagh area.
Maximise the academic and creative potential of all our students through a broad and balanced curriculum delivered using high impact teaching and learning strategies.
Promote a positive culture of achievement, ambition and improvement through the celebration of lifelong learning within the school community and beyond.
Promote the highest standards of pastoral care and child protection, and providing a compassionate and nurturing learning environment at all times.
Put in place effective intervention strategies and support mechanisms to meet the varying educational needs of all of our pupils now and in the future.